Thursday, December 30, 2010

The sleepless nights

This is one of those sleepless nights
Where thoughts are no where near by
that the ceilings seems so far far away
and so many things tend to happen all at once

staring trough the red sky the night canvas
it's cold and the chills really stings
looking by that window
searching for a star that hides between the clouds
the dark trees really stood still
the fields so empty and looking more vast that usual
the lights from buildings a million dots
the earth's stars?then a simple smile

wondering am i the only one doing all this
enjoying and suffering..
..the solitude and the serenity
the world looks peaceful this way
when people are dreaming away from reality

my thoughts are away in reality
their thoughts are away in their dreams
is it so different?
both is harmless dont they? , i invite my smiles :)

it is late
and im too early
i better go to sleep


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tukang kebun

..Pohon2 kasih itu berputik cinta..
..di atas hati2 yang subur..
..disirami senyuman serba hangat..
..dibasahi rasa rindu amat..

..benih kasih itu asyik..
..bila mekar ia menawan cantik..
..siapa menyangka tidak tersedar..
..rupanya menyedut khasiat hati..
..jadinya hati ini kering rapuh..

..akar2nya jauh tercengkam..
..sejauh luas hati ini sendiri..
..buat diri lemah terbungkam..
..buat jiwa mati sendiri..

..bisa pohon itu mengalir..
..meracun segala pelusuk jiwa..
..menawar hati suatu ekstasi..
..tanpa sedar jiwa dinodai..

..Tapi takdir dia tersenyum..
..kebetulan dialah si tukang kebun..
..sang penunggu gelap jiwa sendiri..
..penjaga hati si pencabut cinta..

..lantas dicantas segala asyik..
..pedih rasa , sakitnya sangat..
..merentap kasih bukanlah senang..
..peritnya itu bukan kepalang..

..akar mesti dicabut sekali..
..menyentap segala isi hati..
..merentap paksa air mata bergenang..
..lalu tinggalkan luka yang x hilang..
..parut parut terkesan yang abadi..

..sesudah hati dijaga rapi..
..mengubati kesan yang dilukai..
..perlahan perlahan subur kembali..
..perlahan perlahan senyum kembali..

..musim itu datang lagi..
..dikala dingin sejuk sepi..
..kemudian angin hangat kembali.. tukang kebun tersenyum sendiri..

..senyuman penuh makna..
..dia mengerti..
..benih cinta telah datang lagi..

: )

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

= )



..engkau akan fahaminya..


..engkau faham dahulu..

..erti dan sebab sebenar..




Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ghazali's Last

..Say to my friends..
..when they look upon me..
..Weeping for me and mourning me in sorrow..

..Do not believe that this corpse you see is myself..

..In the name of God..
..I tell you.. is not I..
..I am a spirit, and this is naught but flesh..
..It was my abode and my garment for a time..
..I am a treasure, by a talisman kept hid..
..Fashioned of dust, which served me as a shrine..
..I am a pearl, which has left it's shell deserted..
..I am a bird, and this body was my cage..
..Whence I have now flown forth and it is left as a token..
..Praise to God, who hath now set me free..
..And prepared for me my place in the highest of the heaven..
..Until today I was dead, though alive in your midst..
..Now I live in truth, with the grave - clothes discarded..

..Today I hold converse with the saints above..
..With no veil between, I see God face to face..
..I look upon "Loh-i-Mahfuz" and there in I read..
..Whatever was and is and all that is to be..
..Let my house fall in ruins, lay my cage in the ground..
..Cast away the talisman, it is a token, no more..
..Lay aside my cloak, it was but my outer garment..
..Place them all in the grave, let them be forgotten..

..I have passed on my way and you are left behind..
..Your place of abode was no dwelling place for me..
..Think not that death is death, nay, it is life..
..A life that surpasses all we could dream of here..
..While in this world, here we are granted sleep..
..Death is but sleep, sleep that shall be prolonged..
..Be not frightened when death draweth night..
..It is but the departure for this blessed home..
..Think of the mercy and love of your Lord..
..Give thanks for His Grace and come without fear..

..What I am now, even so shall you be..
..For I know that you are even as I am..
..The souls of all men come forth from God..
..The bodies of all are compounded alike..
..Good and evil, alike it was ours..
..I give you now a message of good cheer..

..May God's peace and joy for evermore be yours..

- Imam Al-Ghazali -