Friday, April 23, 2010

quote of the day :D

motto perokok tu: "U will die before me"


knowing her didnt meant to ignored me. is a relief

another dawn for me :)

waitin for subuh prayer.

emm. just played a few match just now. uhh at first won the game like no prblem.
the opponent are either new player or too noob or we are just too good lol.
either way, the following games was horrible, dun want to mention about it.

i got a not so quite good result. messed up the plan i planned before.ah well, another test from me to overcome.

just now i got something unexpected as well =) rather useless in real life, but a hard-to-get prize virtually. x)

my back ache.

uh i want to be taller==
and a wife == lol

i think the muazin is still sleeping ==
oh well who knows

i want money and peace , wonder where can i get those.

oh my life is like a bird's falling feather in the sky ~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

quote of the day :D

Allah S.W.T did not send us sOmeoNe that we love...but Allah S.W.T send us sOmeone that we need. Allah S.W.T knows best about us.


my body and conscious are very happy~
my minds always wonders try to find an escapism but always
being seduced by the dark void of sadness . foolish minds ~
and at the center , the heart felt excruciating pain~

looks like felt dull for it..the immune system began to work lol ><

oh man..the me is not unified ==

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Until my End

the route still far beyond the horizon ,the nature are against u n yet they do not intent to ..n between there n the rugged cloth, the suns glared furiously bringing thirst of pleasure . somehow i dunno the objective of heart's determination but it walks and walks to infinite never end's .kept smiling when it always hurt, kept looking when there's nothing there , there s no excuse for corroding despair.for even for the perilous journeys, there s always a point when u smiled at the pictures u had taken in ur minds. God is fair,God is fair..keep that firm in the mind , we never know everything but He knows all:)


mule dak2 ni ckp gay suke aku . x kot. x sengaje je tu lol.aku pun deny lol. aku cintan cintun kat awek2 je yer. shivers ><
pastu bebrape insiden lucu bersama rakan , telah menyebab kan aku di label sebagai di sukai kanak2 pulak . ok x pe la tu , mke gengster penjenayah cam aku ni pun ade gak bende comel2 nak sayang kan . tehehehe.

skang ni plak.. semut2, kumbang2 rama2 suke sgt dtg kat aku. nak dtg2 xpe, aku da insap.. dah x bunuh da korang2 ni ramai2 =( takut Tuhan murka..tapi x yahlah gigit yer korang2, sakit la , aku time tido mane sedar , komperm aku tepok korang sampai lumat, xpasal je. Behave pls , jgn nakal2 yek pls plssssss x) xmo bunuh korang lg .winks.

smily smile ;)

Its almost six . I heard the azan now , will be going to perform the solah soon.

For certain sumone :) if u read this . i wanted u to be happy, U show me mixed signs , one that contradicts to another.. i think i may understand why u did so.i of all people ,understand u the most ;) . nonetheless ,heard me, that, all i want is u to be happy ,live life happily :). remember, happiness is a choice .and i concluded finally that i want to abolish all of my assumptions about ur feelings towards me unless there is need to do otherwise..
be free , its ur life . Remember Allah is always there aniwhere anitime. winks3 hehee.

the super sensitive yet super stiff,
ME :b