Friday, January 28, 2011



birunya luas bagai lautan tidak bertepian
kedalaman infiniti menampung jutaan bintang
tersergam gagah indah dan cantik
jauhnya x pernah dapat dicapai tangan2
dekatnya sungguh dia pada hati ini

oh langit

jatuhlah jatuh padaku
biar ku tampung kamu
seberat mana wajahmu
kerana ku selalu tahu
titis titis air hujan itu
adalah tangisan hati kelu

wahai langit

Jgn lah kau sorok bintang bintang
kerana marahkan mereka
tanpa bintang2
yang baik turut buta
para nelayan dan juga pemgembara
tahu lah berhias bintang kau sangat cantik sekali

  langit :)

kau la yang baik hati
menolak awan2 menutup panas mentari
meniup niup angin supaya menari
agar petani lega sekali

oh langit

kau ada
walau kadang kelihatan tiada
sentiasa kau ada meneman

kau lah bumbung yg dilupa
tapi kau x penah lupa

cantik sempurna
Indahnya sungguh ciptaan Ilahi ini


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

love story

"It was only for a man that a woman changes"
- Aminah Assilmi -


and for that love she changed
picturesque even more ..
for the beautifully love that changes
comes from alRahman

a forever relation :) 

and a woman in love is prettiest among all
eternally evermore 
she fell deeply and lost
  in love 
with her only 
God  Almighty


Friday, January 14, 2011


Dont push urself to much
cuz sometimes - u wont notice 
in that fog of vanity
that there s a cliff right in front of you

be still
and know that all are tests

all u need is
look back
look inside 
and reflect
that the world is not that dim
and always there a light
from within
from them who smiles
the helping hands

smile back
then fly the moment
strive the current
felt the excitement

u can do it
always do
like before 

n know

failures are lesson learned
success are lesson earned
neither are liabilities
which will become histories
for generations to come

will go to waste
u are here
always for a reason
u just dont know it yet
live the moment
with wise remembrance
to be a better human

may Allah guide u
n for all the good that happened
He did
and for the all the tests
strengthen  u to be like today
He did

n u will smile
n u will cry


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


 “ A women’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man needs to seek Him in order to find her. ”

requoted from 

tanx nisha for the tips :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

emotions :)

A mirage is an illusion of something real.

You are here
And you are far away
You are an illusion
Yet you are not
it is confusing in reflection
there s no logic in the essence
u dont need it
but u think otherwise

The presence existed
yet is like fantasy
it is a projection
an unreal fatamorgana
it hurts more than piercing of  swords
but it is really nothing of  none
it made tears fell
where there is no reason for it

It is there to remind you
it s not here to let you go
it is there for you to think
it is not here to let you know


dont be tricked by a mind game
because ur mind sees what it wanted to see
Use your sense use the right eye
and you will smile
with a blissful cry

what of it
and what should be done
there is nothing nevermore
there s no where to run
You are the master
The pathfinder of your own lore
choose the right destiny
and do what had to be done

be the best for all the rest
be at best
the time never rest