Monday, March 28, 2011



he is still
strong and determined
he is unshakable
good willed and ever wise

he stood for life
aged and smile
and for their life he stood and smile
a generation consist generations
a thousand nest of new borne life
a thousand nourishment for all the life
compassionate he is
it is just part of a life cycle
He is what he is

He is old and alone
but overwhelm by kindness
for that
he do not wither
for that he do not falter
against the many unkind seasons
less the kindness that he knows are many
 the raindrops 
the sun and the soils
and sometimes bees and birds
a thousand friends
his serenity do overwhelms not?
every life do loves him
it is reasoned =)

he is the tree
the one and only
borne an acorn
now wise and friendly
ever be loved
yet deep in solidarity

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


no matter how different you would be now

you will return to the same end as we all be


Beauty can only be recognized by time

Friday, March 11, 2011

besday wish :) 10 march


i wonder..

when is the time

that i can smile compassionately

and praise to Allah at the same time for same purpose i smiled


and be smiled back for the same reasons i did


Monday, March 7, 2011


What drives you?

Your hearts , or your foolishness?


know that, human will always be a fool

if not he d be omniscience

if not he need not learn

let it be known too 


 a heart is born pure : )

it is free of desire and clean of stains
let it be not drowned

and killed by dirt of sins

else a heartless you ll be

and foolishness will ever be


Thursday, March 3, 2011

nearer to earth than the sky

why u want to burden urself with everything
when carrying nothing is burden less

desire is just a trickster
dont be fooled by the few moments of glory

: )

lost is easily forgotten

when they in depth of trancing laugh

the yesterday sorrow

cast aside by today's joy

dont forget ur hardship

the finest talisman of remembrance

when you were climbing the pit of despair

crawling up to see a glitter of hope

dont fall again because a mistep

mistep for being at lost

at lost of the temporary happiness

welded by desire and pride

be reserved be kind

be compasionate be selfless

be less be generous

be humble be righteous

nothing of desire is everything of need

why chasing worldly perfection

if your inner perfection is reduced by it

the inner you is what you will remember ur whole life


by the end of your worldly days.. are the only  the one who read back..

whats has been written by you

in ur books of life 

just dont let the later u despair..

..for what the u now had done and will do

.pretty please.

: )


Wednesday, March 2, 2011


: )

Choosing truth and admitting it

is always painful and agonizing unpleasant

but realize :)

it is all an outer reality

after awhile . serenity will come inside

after all

the road of kindness is always bitter

a selfless route

as oppose to the road of evil

where its world is all about desire

due desire satisfy evil

  the inner will never become sober

because evil can only befriend evil

and when they fall

only kindness can help

kindness that they always oppress and kill

that's the reality

in the route of tyrant


in reality

the world is not about what u can gain from it

but what you have done for it