Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dan cinta sejati itu sentiasa menunggu =)


I ll drown my beliefs
To have you be in peace
I ll dress like your niece
And wash your swollen feet

Just don't leave

I'm not living
I'm just killing time
Your tiny hands
Your crazy-kitten smile

Just don't leave

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don't leave
  Don't leave
  Don't leave
  Don't leave


radiohead - True loves waits

Thursday, April 7, 2011

perjalanan hidup

A step ,thus another step
through the life we brought
with a dirt along that route
  a handful of gray earth and these feelings

we had wondered aimlessly
and mesmerized at the glimpse of light
just before the darkness succumb
a wisdom patiently guards

The guardian speaks
"a pathfinder who had lost his way,
when a lost path is also a way,
and what is the correct way?
when you see there are many ways
and advanced without a single sway"

through and through
we move forward
a step for another step
an infinite sequence
and content with it we are

a smile
a hope from hopelessness
The strive unconsciously driven
all for one other smile =)

are bittersweet 

and with eyes closed and deep breath 
the heart do felt the most
of how beautiful these are

: )


Sunday, April 3, 2011

hehe ; )

i can be everywhere

if u want me to be : )